Facial Treatment

Signature Hydro Facial 60Mins – $160

The HydraFacial treatment combines soothing and invigorating spa therapy with advanced medical processes to achieve instant and lasting results. Each treatment uses a series of patented Hydro Peel tips –
utilizing proven technology to exfoliate the skin multiple times with each pass, achieving fast, even results with minimal discomfort. Your skin is cleansed of previously embedded impurities which are easily
removed while simultaneously introducing hydrating skin solutions with potent antioxidants. Nourishes your skin with Health and Hydration. This treatment is ideal for all skin types, provides immediate noticeable results, is non-invasive and can target specific skin concerns. This treatment can be paired with Dermabuilder which aids in removing fine lines and firming your skin or CTGF which targets pigment issues. complexion, a reduction of blemishes and neutralizing their underlying causes and a more even skin tone. Rezenerate Facial
also includes Premier Collagen Mask which is customized for your particular skin issues and skin type.

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment 75mins – $170

Excellent for mature skin that is losing elasticity, this treatment
deep cleans the skin, lifts oil and debris from pores and leaves skin
toned, renewed and bright. Your skin will be infused with select
serums designed to correct your skin’s weakness. This treatment also
works great for firming up the jaw line. How does she look so good?
She had the Ultrasonic Facial Treatment.